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A Dog Gone Good Story!

It’s Only Stanley

By Jon Agee



Does your dog howl at the moon longingly? Does he keep you up nights with odd tinkering noises reminiscent of a Mr. Fix it Fido?

Be very careful. For if he does any or all of these nighttime endeavors, your pooch may just be another Stanley, and that means you and your family may just be in for the ride of your lives.

What appears on the surface (of the earth) to be the skillful Stanley working on needed house hold repairs on the bathtub drain, oil tank, old TV, not to mention a concocted perfumed odor of catfish stew brewing (think rocket fuel), it may really be a whole lot more. Much more.

For the Wimbledon family, kept awake at night by Stanley’s plumbing and electrical exploits, are in for an early Richard Branson-like flight to other realms, at no cost to them, to a place beginning with M and ending with N.

Jon Agee’s fantastic configurations of Stanley’s aeronautical attempts are nothing short of dog gone good. Sorry!

What drives Stanley? An other worldly pink poodle’s my best guess. How did they first discover one another? And how, bow wow, do they communicate, is anyone’s guess.

Nothing can stand in the way of true love’s first doggy date on the moon when you have a dog like Stanley. Let’s face it, Wimbledon family, you’re just along for the ride.

Trust me. If Stanley can get you there. He’ll get you back in time for breakfast.


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