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“Twas the Night Before Mother’s Day” by Natasha Wing; Art by Amy Wummer

if you haven’t read any of Natasha Wing’s  “The Night Before...” books, then it’s time!

Eves or nights before a holiday, are very important in families. There’s usually a ton of prep going on for the day to come. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Easter, Halloween, birthdays or any number of other celebration days in families, the NIGHT or EVE is festive and fun with traditions and tons of loving touches added in by all the family, and can even hopefully include the grandparents!

Natasha Wing has taken the timeless Clement Clarke Moore poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” with its very familiar and memorable cadence, and adapted the words to fit a variety of EVES throughout the year.

In “The Night Before Mother’s Day,” Mom, of course, is front and center here…though she doesn’t suspect a thing.

The idea is to get her OUT of the house, so surprises to come can be martial- ed together by one and all:


“Twas the night before Mother’s Day

   when as quiet as a mouse,

    Dad told us his plan

to get Mom out of the house.


As mom jogs off with her pals, the prep begins for a day to follow that she will remember:


We measured and mixed

a delicious cake batter,

then blended the frosting-oops!

  Way too much splatter! 


We made fancy cards

adding our “I Love Yous.”

and a special coupon

that Mom sure could use.


Now, truth to tell Mom is just a mite suspicious at the “mess in the sink”, but good ole dad covers her inquiries of “What’d I miss?” with his “Nothing” and a “wink.”


Morning arrives and there are surprises galore that await Mom, beginning with the opening bountiful bouquet in bed, to a home made spa, complete with massaged feet, mud mask, and pedi. from the kids.

But not to be outdone:


Dad said, ” The chef will be serving

       a divine gourmet brunch.”

    (That’s a meal that comes between breakfast and lunch.”


And the effect of all this love is nothing short of transformative and sweet:


Her eyes –

how they sparkled!

Her brown hair-

how curly!

Her cheeks were

  like roses,

her skirt-

very twirly!


Amy Wummer’s art dovetails perfectly with Natasha Wing’s take on a typical family’s earnest and heartfelt desire to treat Mom like a Queen on her day.

And the collaborative effort of the family pitching in together to make it a perfect day for Mom is very comforting as the end result is what young readers may glean that family is all about – cooperation of the many for the good of all.

And Mom herself certainly feels the love:


Mom thanked us for everything-

it brought her such cheer.

She wished it could be Mother’s Day

  every day of the year.


Now, THERE’S a thought that I believe could catch on!






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