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Christmas Counting Fun!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Christmas 1 2 3

by Eric Carle


It’s not “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but for those parents of very young ones learning how to count this Christmas, here’s a fun and sturdy board book to help with the holiday numbering up to ten!

On each cardboard page, there is that famous hungry caterpillar to espy. Plus kids can count along with the numbers 1-10 seen on each page both as printed word and number; then they are pictured alongside simple things seen this time of year. Here’s a small sample:


                1  One Santa Claus


2  Two Christmas trees


4   Four holly leaves


5   Five snowflakes


7   Seven penguins (love this)


10   Ten presents


They all culminate with a “Merry Christmas” writ large, alongside a brilliant butterfly.

And when kids ask, “Hey, where did the caterpillar go?, Eric Carle provides the perfect teachable moment for a spontaneous young one’s science tutorial!

Young readers that are just beginning to point, and on the cusp of having a concept of what a number may mean, will enjoy this as a small stocking stuffer, or just a fun read, along with parents or grands.



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