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Happy Valentine’s Day from Llama Llama!

Llama Llama I Love You

By Anna Dewdney


How will Llama Llama celebrate this day that both honors one of the strongest of emotions and shows the ones that you love all the sometimes unspoken words that are in your heart?

Llama Llama and Anna Dewdney have come up with one way in this sturdy board book that mirrors your child and all their very sweet Valentine’s day preparation and celebratory activities.

You’re probably sharing in the doing of most of these things with your child; picking out or making Valentine cards for both family members and your child’s classmates. And, like Llama Llama that involves the sending and receiving of same, to those near and far.

A brown-jacketed hippo mailman delivers a bouquet of flowers to Llama’ mama, and Llama Llama, in turn, receives a Valentine heart of chocolates from mom. I confess – via a conspiratorial whisper – that this is one of my favorite parts of the day!

And what child doesn’t like glitter? Glitter and glue are a must on Valentine’s Day, so Llama Llama comes up with a lace-rimmed glittery one for his mom.

And, of course, the small llama saves the best till last; an “I love you” whispered to mom as they cuddle, all snuggled up in her checked padded rocker.

It’s the sweetest part of the day, to my mind, and this board book serves as a perfect patterning for any child’s Valentine’s Day.

But, as you know, there is no one way to say, “I Love You.” Your child probably has their own unique way of saying those words that are so meaningful ANY day of the year!

Please remember to send and receive those words with the ones you love this Valentine’s Day!




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