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March is National Nutrition Month. Let’s Celebrate the Green Bean with “How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans,” By David LaRochelle; illustrated by Mark Fearing.

It’s hard to be thinking about green beans in the midst of winter where the seeds for this year’s crop on our farm have not even arrived. Delightfully fresh ones may be harder to come by in stores, unless you’re scouring the shelves for them in cans, they’re no where to be found or eaten up.

But just maybe rebellious Martha and her kidnapped parents may have a clue as to their whereabouts!

Hey, it’s National Nutrition Month, so I thought I would close the month out with a salute to the….green bean. Yum.

Young readers will enjoy this read aloud of the revolt of the ultimate green veggie.…video-read-aloud/

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