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Moms, Dads and Grands : Prevent That Nasty Summer Slide in Reading Over the Remaining and Waning Summer Break!

Some food for thought while you are either encouraging your children to read this summer or donating and sharing books with families that don’t have the resources to acquire books:


And for those classic picture books that I so love to pitch for in the choice of reading material, below is a list of Caldecott winners from 1938 to 2019. It’s a grand place to start, but you must have favorites as well to pitch into the mix.



*Pile those books on a nearby bedside table.


 *Read a chapter a night.


 *Have them read a page and you read a page.


  *Ask them to describe what comes next from the ones you’ve read umpteen times.


*Take a trip to your local library.


*When buying books, please do support your local brick and mortar and mom and pop run book stores that appear to be disappearing at the rate of melting ice cream on a hot summer day. They have a great deal to offer in terms of suggested reading, story hours and personal service.


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