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Here is a Perfect Picture Book for a Young Reader That Howls at Haircuts or Any Attempt at a Summer Snip of the Scissors Towards His Generous Mane Of Hair!

This Monster Needs a Haircut

by Bethany Barton

Do you have a child who balks at barbershops, cringes at clippers and generally howls before a haircut? Well, I have the book for you. Every parent and child has gone through that rite of passage-the first haircut.

It can be preceded by foot dragging, multiple and myriad excuses, tantrums, tears and all out war. Well, at the beginning and end of summer, haircuts are usually the order of the day, whether before camp or before school reopens

This Monster Needs a Haircut is the perfect picture book to ease the snipping. Kids will identify with Stuart the monster and his elaborate defense tactics against haircuts. His father is understanding and patient as he relates to Stuart his own bouts with haircut issues in his youth.

Kids and parents will howl at the evolution of Stuart’s hair and the interesting objects that begin to inhabit it, such as growing flowers, half eaten apples, lollipops and baseballs to name a few.

How Stuart and family solve this haircut hiatus is laugh-filled and the tactics to overcome the stubborn monster are illustrated to perfection.

This is a book a child could bring to the cutting event and even share with the scissor wielder aka barber, or is that a misnomer and one is referred to as stylist, nowadays?

Still have a barbershop in our small town with the striped revolving pole outside.

Love it!

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