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Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

Summer Send Off

           Summer! It’s officially here and with it comes freedom from schedules and deadlines- at least for kids. It’s a time of wonder. Think back for a minute on your own summers as a child. They seemed endless and were brimming with lots to do or nothing much at all. Great, huh?

            Though our children may be surrounded and impacted, for good or ill by technology and the fast forward pace of living today, somehow the inner child never changes. They’re still full of wonder thankfully. As school doors close and, for two months, doors to leisure time swing open, there’s more time to read with and to your child and that is a good thing.

            Remember that terrific series The Wonder Years?  It was life lived and seen through a child’s eyes. With its hopes, dreams, disappointments, discoveries and endless possibilities rolled out in front of one boy’s life in a suburban neighborhood filled with friends and family. Well, I like to think that summer is a sort of compressed version of The Wonder Years where children have the time to just “be”, daydream, imagine, have adventures and discover new things about the world and themselves. It’s a slowing down of time where the days and weeks stretch with new possibilities. I hope within those freed up moments you find some reading time with your child each and every day. Pack along books on those adventures to distant places, even if they are in the backyard under a shady tree or a tent pitched nearby.

            I’ll be doing the same thing during July and August, that is reading, wondering, exploring, renewing and during that time, I’ll be posting “The Best of The Snuggery” along with read alouds to share with your child. Enjoy this magical time of wonder with your children. It goes by in a wink, but the memories you build and the books you share in those dreamy days of summer will last a lifetime. Please send me pictures of your Snuggery at home, where you and your child like to cuddle up with a book. I would love to see them!

            I’ll leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

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