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Summer is the Perfect Time for the Picture Book “Essentials”

I am an inveterate TCM lover; that would be the Turner Classic Movie station. In addition to showing archived movies from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s, it has a segment deemed “The Essentials.” Here, an entertainer of some import, picks an “essential movie” and the host and the entertainer discuss the why of each film’s importance, and why it deserves “essential” status. I’ve learned quite a bit viewing these. Some of my own choices of “essential” movies have appeared, and to my chagrin, others that I think are “essential” have not.

Which brings us to the point of this blog, as The Snuggery takes a hiatus for the summer. There is a canon of great children’s literature that deserves “essential’ status, just as movies do at TCM.  The point “essential” designation” brings to a book or movie is that it is one not to be missed. Its narrative, art and themes are richly classic in that they speak to something in the heart of everyone. They speak a truth by way of story and art that is not to be missed.

Just as in the movie “essentials,” you may find your child’s favorite book is not on the list. And that’s okay. But, it is important for your child’s depth of exposure to classic children’s literature to be able to notice and perceive from reading these “essentials,” what is truly wonderful as opposed to what is fair to middling.

In the previous blog, I gave a list of books to give you a start on the road to the “essentials.” Here, then are two more links to lists that you may want to use as a guide to pick and pore through, as you make your selections for summer reading for your young reader:

Latest Books