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Halloween is…

By Gail Gibbons

Kirkus Reviews said of this book, “A treat, rather than a trick.” And I agree wholeheartedly.

If you’ve never read the picture books,  “Halloween is…”,  “Thanksgiving is…” and Christmas is…” by Gail Gibbons, they are a true treat of a trio, and I’ll be taking time for each, in turn, as the holiday season kicks in.

“Halloween is..” is a perfect introduction to this day devoted to carved pumpkins and  costumed trick or treaters. For a young reader, “Halloween is…” gives a smidgen of the history of the celebration, how it emerged in significance, and the holiday and holy day aspects of it, with All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day part of its historical  and religious mix.

Added in, of course, are the Halloween symbols writ large in today’s culture. Kids will enjoy listening to the fable of selfish Jack of the Lantern who morphed into Jack o’Lantern,” carrying his “shining coal inside a turnip he had carved, …trying to find heaven.” Kids may remember this story as they hollow out their own pumpkins this Halloween.

Halloween decorations, masks and costumes, bats, black cats, skeletons, scary story times, games, parties, parades and more are delightfully covered in her words and pictures.

Gail Gibbons’ dedication at the outset is: “To Halloween Fun and Trick-or-Treaters” is fully realized in this fact filled, fun read.

Ms. Gibbons has put together a wonderfully colorful book that includes a delightful overview of all the elements that meld spookily together, come October 31, to make Halloween a special treat for young readers.

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