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A Perfect Read Aloud for Young Readers This Halloween…”Hoot Howl Halloween; 10 Spooky Sounds” written by Becky Wilson; Illustrated by Samantha Meredith

The “Pumpkin People,” aka the carloads of families and folks that are weekend adventurers traveling into the countryside to pick THE perfect Jack o’ lantern for Halloween toothy carving and porch decorating, are everywhere this time of year.

Apple picking, cider donuts and the like are in abundance, as well for consumption.

But, what about post-pumpkin picking, as the energy is still in abundance from those donuts, and the kids need a bit of quieting?

How about a bit of a pre-Halloween read aloud….with sound effects?

Here’s a Halloween picture book read that I chanced upon recently. It’s called “Hoot Howl Halloween; 10 Spooky Sounds”

Here’s one review of this picture book by Becky Wilson, with illustrations by Samantha Meredith:


“Hoot Howl Halloween” is a fun book with its spooky sounds! Explore the haunted house and press the buttons to hear ghosts wailing, witches cackling, bats flapping and bones jangling….Enter if you dare!



It’s a great Halloween book for the youngest of readers and perfect for read alouds, as kids can press the buttons that create the sounds noted on the column to the right of the book. In addition to the sounds noted above, there are the sounds of creaky doors, thunder, wolf howls, owls hooting and bubbling cauldrons!

It’s sturdy construction and heavy cardboard pages will handle many eager hands waiting to turn the page and push the accompanying buttons to help the spooky house come alive.

Here is the opening scene:


On Halloween,


  the moon


shines bright.


And spooky noises


   fill the night.


SQUEAKING , flapping bats swoop by.


While vampires LAUGH beneath the sky.


The words that are in capital LETTERS cue the young reader to press the appropriate button with the picture of the designated spooky thing.

I had such a good time testing it out, my husband said:


“That’s enough for now, Liz, You’ll wear out the battery!”


Young readers will know the words and sounds by heart this Halloween and maybe read it to YOU, come October 31!

Have a hooting and howling good time!



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